1. Which is a program that has been physically etched onto a chip.
(1) Firmware
(2) Software
(3) Compiler
(4) Interpreter
(5) None of these
2. The type of memory that must have a constant power supply is:
(1) SDRAM.
(2) PROM.
(3) ROM.
(5) None of these

3. What type of e-commerce is being used when a student buys a computer from
(1) B2B
(2) C2C
(3) B2E
(4) B2C
(5) None of these

4. Basic language of web page writing?
(1) Generalized markup language
(2) Standard generalized markup language
(3) Nonstandard generalized markup language
(4) Hypertext markup language
(5) None of these
5. The topology where all the nodes are attached in a circular wiring arrangement is called a:
(1) Star topology.
(2) Bus topology.
(3) Network topology.
(4) Ring topology
(5) None of these

6. Hard disk performance can be improved by using a(n)__
(1) Optimal storage device.
(2) Disk cache.
(3) Solid-state storage device.
(4) Flash memory reader
(5) None of these

7. Which is NOT a characteristic of a system unit?
(1) Provides a sturdy frame for mounting internal components
(2) Provides room for system upgrades
(3) Represents data as binary numbers
(4) Houses the connectors for input and output devices
(5) None of these

8. Where are the Editing group and the Replace command found?
(1) On the Insert tab
(2) On the Review tab
(3) On the View tab
(4) On the Home tab
(5) None of these

9. What function displays row data in a column or column data in a row?
(1) Hyperlink
(2) Index
(3) Transpose
(4) Rows
(5) None of the above

10. This type of software contains rows and columns.
(1) Drawing
(2) Spreadsheet
(3) Database
(4) Word processing
(5) None of the above

11. Software for organizing storage and retrieval of information is a(n)—
(1) operating system
(2) database
(3) database program
(4) data warehouse
(5) None of these

12. To insert a word into the middle of a sentence__
(1) move the cursor to the desired location in the sentence and type the new word
(2) move the cursor to the desired location in the sentence, press Enter key, and type the new word
(3) move the cursor to the beginning of the sentence and start typing
(4) retype the whole sentence
(5) None of these
13. A high-speed transmission line that carries WAN traffic is called ?
(1) X.25 line
(2) P2PN.
(3) Backbone
(4) POP
(5) None of these

14. A DVD is an example of ?
(1) hard disk
(2) optical disc
(3) output device
(4) solid-state storage device
(5) None of these

15. Grouping and processing all of a firm's transactions at one time is called?
(1) a database management system
(2) batch processing
(3) a real-time system
(4) an on-line system
(5) None of these

16. Semi Conductor Memory is known as?
(1) RAM
(2) ROM
(3) PROM
(5) None of these

17. Every computer on the Internet is known as?
(1) Host
(2) Client
(3) Modem
(4) Server
(5) None of these

18. A spiral shape track formatting is present in?
(1) Floppy Disk
(2) Optical Disk
(3) Hard Disk
(4) Half-inch Tape Cartridge
(5) None of these

19. Which types of virus stays permanently in the RAM memory?
(1) Resident
(2) File infectors
(3) Boot virus
(4) Macro virus
(5) None of these

20. Which of the following groups contains graphical file extensions?
(5) None of these
21. A number system with a base of two is referred as?
(1) Unary number system
(2) Binary number system
(3) Octal number system
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these

22. Which of the following is not true for primary storage?
(1) It is a part of the CPU
(2) It allows very fast access of data
(3) It is relatively more expensive than other storage devices.
(4) Can be removed and transported.
(5) All of the above

23. Which of the following is the advantage of Assembly language over Machine language?
(1) Easy to use
(2) Easy to understand
(3) Easy to modify
(4) All the above
(5) None of these

24. VPN stands for?
(1) Virtual Personal Network
(2) Very Private Network
(3) Virtual Private Network
(4) Vicious Personal Network
(5) None of these

25. Which of the following is true about Dial-up internet access?
(1) It utilizes the existing telephone services
(2) It uses a router for security
(3) It utilizes the broadband technology
(4) Modem speeds are very fast

(5) All of the above
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