1. Information can be saved, or retrieved from memory location through its
a) Address
b) Value
c) Variable declaration
d) Input

2. CPU consists
a) Primary memory, control unit, arithmetic and logic unit
b) Input, output
c) Input, memory, output
d)Inputs, outputs, control units, memory unit

3. The shape of decision symbol using in a flow chart is
a) Parallelogram shaped box
b) Diamond shaped box
c) Rectangular shaped box
d) Flat, oval in shape

4. A number involving to weights attached to the position of the number is called
a) Face value
b) Place value
c) Base value
d) Weights of the number

5. Double precision variable can occupy
a) 4 bytes
b) 8 bytes
c) 2 bytes
d) 10 bytes

6. In computer terminology 1 and 0 are called
a) Bits
b) Binary digits
c) Bytes
d) "on" and "off"

7. MAR stands for
a) Memory Address Register
b) Memory Arithmetic Register
c) Memory Access Register
d) Memory Assessing Register

8. 5A3 is a
a) Octal number
b) Hexadecimal number
c) Decimal number
d) Binary number

9. A number in the binary system is changed to its equal octal system by partitioning the binary number into
a) 4-bit blocks
b) 1-bit block
c) 3-bit blocks
d) 2-bit blocks

10. The decimal equal of hexadecimal number 4B3 is
a) 1230
b) 1203
c) 1200
d) 1215

11. Algorithm and flowcharts are help us to
a) know the memory capacity
b) specify the problem completely and clearly
c) know the processing speed
d) specify input parameters

12. The primitive steps relating in the development of an algorithms are
a) Input, assignment, decision, repetitive and output
b) Input, decision and output
c) Input, assignment and output 
d) Input, assignment, decision and output

13. Which is the sum of the binary 'number 101 and 1101 is
a) 10010
b) 10100
c) 10101
d) 10110

14. The symbols 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F related to
a)Decimal system
b)Octal system
c)Hexadecimal system
d)None of the above

15. In a flowchart, pentagonal designed box is used for
a) Off-page connector symbol
b) Connection symbol
c) Module symbol
d) Modification symbol

16. The octal equal of a decimal number 65 is
a) 111
b) 101
c) 100
d) 110

17. To ensure readability' of a flow chart, it must be drawn
a) from left to right
b) from center
c) from right to left
d) from top to bottom

18. Memory unit is one part of
a) Control unit
b) Output device
c) Input device
d) Central Processing Unit

19. The system programs which are as permanent as hardware and stored in ROM is known as
a) Software
b) Firmware
c) Hardware
d) ROMware

20. The steps in an algorithm
a) will follow a random order
b) must follow a prescribed order
c) need not follow any order
d) will follow a prescribed order sometimes

21. The hexadecimal same of a decimal number 749 is
a) 2EB
b) 2EC
c) 2ED
d) E2D

22. Evaluate 1111012 - 100102
a) 1011102
b) 1110102
c) 1101012
d) 1010112

23. A file manager can be used to perform actions such as
a) Change drive and directories
b) format, copy and erase disk contents
c) list, move, copy and delete file(s) and directories
d) All the above

24. The topology or types of networks are
a) Star topology
b) Ring topology
c) Bus topology
d) All the above

25. State the types of Novell NetWare Command.
a) User workstation commands
b) Supervisor or Operator Workstation commands
c) Console commands

d) all the above
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